7 Housekeeping Hacks that will Save You a Bunch of Time

Do you feel like you spend a lot of time keeping your home clean? These 7 housekeeping hacks will save you time and even help keep some extra money in your pockets.

housekeeping hacks to save time

1. Clean your skirting boards with a broom

Save your back and clean all your skirting boards in a few minutes with these nifty housekeeping hacks. Just use a broom and slide it along you skirting board. For some extra effect, wrap a dish towel around the broom and secure with an elastic. Then spray the cloth with a cleaning solution of your choice.

skirting board housekeeping hacks

2. Vacuum the right way

Vacuum like a pro with one of the housekeeping hacks from the cleaners at Simply Spotless. Firstly, always start in the corner furthest from the door. Second, vacuum vertically, and then horizontally. Doing this will ensure that you pick up all the dirt that gets caught up in the carpet fibres. Use this method until you reach the door and then repeat in the next room.

vacuuming housekeeping hacks

3. Leave a jar of vinegar in your septic tank

Sick of cleaning your toilet every week? This is one of those housekeeping hacks that will save you having to do that. Simply fill a mason jar with white vinegar and poke a hole in the lid. Every time you flush the toilet it will pull some vinegar out and keep your toilet clean. No scrubbing required! Try it out if you don’t believe me.

housekeeping hacks 3

4. Place a ‘catch all bin’ in the high traffic areas of your home

Not an actual bin, but rather a container that you can use to put things in. This is especially helpful if you have pets or young children, both of which tend to leave toys lying around. Simply toss things into the ‘bin’ whenever you pass it and notice something lying around.

housekeeping hacks 4

5. Use a bowl of ammonia to clean your oven overnight

Don’t like the idea of using harsh chemicals to clean your oven? Try this housekeeping hack instead. Heat your oven on conventional mode to 95% (just below boiling point). Then place a bowl of boiling water on the bottom rack and a bowl of ammonia on the top rack. THEN TURN THE OVEN OFF! Leave it to sit overnight and you’ll be able to easily wipe the oven clean in the morning.

housekeeping hacks 5

6. Prevent soap scum build up with lemon-power

Lemons are commonly featured in our housekeeping hacks. You can use a real lemon or a bathroom cleaning product that contains some real lemon in it. For real lemons, either rub lemon wedges on the areas that accumulate soap scum, or mix lemon juice with water and a dash a vinegar and spray. If you’re using a cleaning product with lemon in it, spray it on the problem areas after you’ve cleaned them. The lemon will prevent build up of soap scum and water stains.

soap scum housekeeping hacks

In a hurry? This housekeeping hack saves tonnes of time. You can clean toys, shoes, and hats (among other things) in your dishwasher. Add a little vinegar and disinfectant to get the job done. I personally always wash my dishwashing tools in the dishwasher (e.g. scrubbing brush)

housekeeping hacks 7

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