How to Clean a Flat Screen TV

The quality of flat screen TVs these days is amazing. High definition pictures and great sound can give you the feeling of cinema quality at home. Alas, flat screen televisions are also massive dust collectors and will need cleaning from time to time. For whatever reason, it seems that little kids also love touching flat screen tvs. If you have kids at home you are probably going to be cleaning fingerprints off your tv as well. You need to be careful when you clean your flat screen TV. You don’t want your television, one that may have cost you thousands of dollars, damaged through the wrong cleaning process.

With this article we’ve gone to the experts and asked “How do you clean a flat screen TV?” This article is not about older TVs that have a layer of thick glass over their screen. It’s about those more modern televisions – with screens made of fragile materials that are easily damaged.

how to clean flat screen tv

How to Clean a Flat Screen TV

Supplies – what do you use to clean a flat screen TV?

Before you start the process of cleaning your flatscreen tv you should make sure that you have the right cleaning materials on hand. To clean your flat screen tv you will need the following:

  • A soft, microfibre cloth 
  • A small amount of warm water
  • Alcohol- and ammonia-free screen cleaning solution or wipes. 

We estimate that it will take no more than 10 minutes to clean your flat screen TV and the process is easy – as long as you follow the tips outlined below.

Some words of warning and advice before we go more in-depth into how to clean your flat screen TV.

You need to make sure that you read the manual for your television. If you chucked it out when you threw out your television box, then don’t worry. A quick Google search should help you find a PDF version of the guide. You need to do this to make sure that you are following any special instructions for your TV – in addition to the steps we outline below. 

There are some things that you should never use on to clean a flat screen TV because the risk of damage is too high. You should never use soap, detergent, window cleaner or any other alcohol-based cleaning solvents. You should also not use an abrasive cleaning cloth or paper towel – to do so risks scratching your screen and causing permanent damage. If you are using a liquid-based screen cleaning solution, make sure that you don’t spray it directly onto the television. Lightly, dampen a cloth and use the cloth to wipe the screen. 

You need to protect yourself and your television as well if you are not using a wall mount. Flat screen TVs on a stand require special care to avoid your television tipping over and your flat screen breaking. Hold the television with one hand and clean with the other. When you have finished cleaning your television you should really look at getting your television mounted or at least tethered to the wall. This is especially important if you have children as you don’t want them to pull the tv down on themselves. 

Ready for a clean flat screen TV? Follow these steps:

Step 1 – Turn your flat screen TV off and unplug it.

Whilst the risk is minimal, you should turn your flat screen tv completely off (not just on standby) and unplug it before cleaning. Turning it off your television also makes it easier for you to see any dust or finger print marks on your screen.

Step 2 – Wipe down flat screen TV with a lint-free, clean, dry cloth.

Some flat screen TVs come with their own cleaning cloths. Many don’t. If your television doesn’t have these cloths you need to make sure you have a clean, anti-static microfibre cloth. This is similar to one that you would use to clean your glasses

To ensure your TV has a streak free clean you should clean it in alternate directions. You should start by wiping your screen first in a horizontal direction. Then go over the screen again in a vertical direction to ensure you have removed as many streaks as possible

You need to be gentle when using a microfibre cloth. Do not wipe the screen with too much force. A flat screen TV is fragile and can be easily damaged if you push too hard. For this reason you should also ensure that you don’t use certain materials for wiping down your screen. Avoid paper towels or rags as these materials may contain fibres that can damage your screen. These fibres can leave scratches, causing pixels to burn out.

You should also wipe around the sides and back of your flatscreen TV to remove any dust from the area where the buttons are on your television.

Step 3 – Spot clean the most stubborn stains or marks.

With any luck you may be able to skip this step. However, once you have wiped down your flatscreen TV with a microfibre cloth you may notice some stubborn stains left behind.

If there are stubborn smudges or fingerprints left behind, you may have to use some special wipes or a specialised screen cleaner. If you are using a cleaner, whatever you do, don’t spray cleaner directly onto the screen. Spray a small amount onto another clean microfibre cloth and use this to spot clean the stubborn areas. 

If using a specialised screen cleaner or pre-packaged wipes make sure you read the ingredient list. Make sure your chosen product doesn’t contain benzene, ammonia, alcohol, acetone, or any other harsh chemicals.

How to clean a TV screen properly

Step 4 – Allow your clean flat screen TV to dry before plugging it back in.

If you have had to use some specialised screen cleaner, allow your television to dry completely and plug it back in. 

Step 5 – Clean your remote controls and connected devices.

Don’t forget about the other things related to your television – your remote controls, pay TV hardware, gaming consoles, and so on. Your Foxtel Box, Apple TV or PlayStation can be massive dust collectors. While you’re at it you may as well wipe them down with a  cloth. However, avoid using liquid as this can leak into the hardware and damage it.

When it come to your remote controls, you should remove the batteries before cleaning them. Next, gently tap the remote control, upside down, against your other palm to remove any dust and debris that may be caught in the buttons. Then gently wipe down your remote control with a cloth. If they are really dirty, you may also want to try to get in between the buttons with a cotton swab.

If you need to use some specialised cleaning solution, make sure you spray the cleaner directly onto a cloth – don’t spray directly into the remote control. Make sure you wipe them down with a dry cloth and allow them to dry completely before you put the batteries back in. 

how to clean tv


 If you have children, sometimes prevention is better than the cure – if you follow the steps mentioned below you may be able to avoid the need to clean your television as often. If you make sure your kids don’t eat or drink close to the television you avoid finger smudges, as well as splashes and splatters. You should also add a light dust to your weekly cleaning routine.

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