7 Cleaning Tips for Your Bathroom

7 cleaning tips bathroom

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The bathroom is one of the most commonly used rooms in the house. It can be one of the dirtiest and it’s also one of those rooms that’s more likely to be seen by guests. For this reason, you’re going to want to follow these 7 cleaning tips for your bathroom.

Specific Cleaning Tips for your Bathroom

For the first 3 tips, I wanted to concentrate on specific areas of the bathroom and how you should clean then for the best results. The first 3 cleaning tips for your bathroom cover the shower, the toilet, and your bathroom sink. 

1. Cleaning Tips for your Shower and Bath

If I could describe the cleaning tips for your shower and bath in two words it would be these two – spray and stand.

Before you start cleaning the rest of the bathroom, you should start by spraying the tub and shower area with a generous layer of all-purpose bathroom cleaner and allow the product to stand for a period while you clean elsewhere. Allowing the cleaning product some standing time helps it to dissolve oils, dirt and soap scum. So, when you wipe it off, you’ll need less elbow grease to remove any stains or scum.

Once you’ve left the cleaning product to stand, it’s time to get scrubbing. You should use abrasive scrubbing pads to remove bathtub rings or mineral deposits on shower floors. You should use a brush of some sort to scrub tile grout and reach into cracks and corners – an old toothbrush can work but they’re pretty small so we recommend buying a larger tile brush just for this. A cleaning toothbrush does a quick job of removing buildup deposits around tap or faucet fixtures but a tile brush is better for large areas like grout.

You can learn more about How to Clean Grout in our other post by clicking the blue hyperlink. 

After scrubbing it’s time to rinse your shower or bath clean. A detachable shower head allows you to rinse off cleaning products quickly – with a streak-free clean. If you don’t have one, stock your cleaning caddy with a removable rubber shower head that attaches to the bathtub tap. Commonly used for shampooing hair or bathing pets, they’re inexpensive and make it easier to rinse the tub and shower walls after you clean.

Cleaning Tips for your Shower and Bath

2. Cleaning Tips for your Toilet

The toilet is the most used place in your bathroom. It can also be the dirtiest so it is important that you keep your toilet clean. The first thing you need is to get your toilet brush out, give the bowl a scrub, spray it with a disinfectant and leave that to sit for a while. Whilst you are waiting for your toilet cleaner to do its work you should scrub the outside of your toilet clean the floor around the bowl.

Cleaning Tips Toilet

3. Cleaning Tips for the Sink

The sink can get pretty dirty. It can be whiskers, it can be toothpaste dribbles or it could be hair products. There’s an endless barrage of dirt and grime that you have to contend with.

Start by spraying the sink and taps, then scrub around the edges of the tap and the drain with a small brush. Lastly, wipe everything down and give it a rinse.

Cleaning Tips Bathroom Sink

General Cleaning Tips for your Bathroom

Here are some more general tips for your bathroom cleaning:

4. Use the right cleaners and tools for each job

You need to make sure you have all of the right tools for the job. You need an all-purpose cleaner, your heavy-duty toilet cleaner, soft cleaners and heavy-duty abrasive scrubs. Have them all nearby so you don’t need to waste time heading to other parts of the house to source them.

5. Do things in order

It’s recommended that you clean your bathroom in the right order each time. Follow this order from top to bottom and you’ll only have to clean once. Spray all the surfaces, scrub any stubborn stains, wipe everything down, dust surfaces, vacuum the floors and then finish up by mopping the floors. 

Learn more about the Correct Order to Clean your House by clicking the link.

6. Move bottles and soaps etc. and clean under them

Everyone’s bench space will have soaps and bottles on them. Make sure you move all the stuff on your bench before cleaning your bench.

7. A final tip

The final tip we have for you is – if you don’t have the time to clean your bathroom properly, you should engage professionals for a regular house clean. If you want a no-obligation quote, please get in touch today. You can create a customised quote online by clicking here or give us a call on 0487 686 891.

Book a home cleaning service or end of lease cleaner online instantly!

Book a home cleaning service or end of lease cleaner online instantly!

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