6 Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Pet’s are wonderful. They are an important part of the family. They bring joy to you and your children. But boy pets can be messy. They can create a significant mess around the house and sometimes they smell. The purpose of this article is for us to share with you 6 cleaning tips for pet owners. These tips come from our expert cleaners, themselves pet owners. Follow these tips and you can be happier with your beloved pet as part of your family.

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6 Cleaning tips for Pet Owners

Have the right supplies

The right supplies are important for pet owners when they are cleaning. You need supplies to help you remove pet hair, you need supplies to clean up after “accidents” and you need supplies to remove odours. The supplies will likely include, but not be limited to hair removal brushes, odour removers, poop scoops, mops, pet brushes, urine stain removers and the like. 

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Clean your pet’s bed and toys

Another cleaning tip for pet owners is that you need to clean your pet’s bed and toys. If the bed has a a cover, take it off and stick it in the washing machine.

TIP: Give it a once-over with a hair remover first so your washing machine doesn’t get clogged.

With your pet toys, throw out any that are broken. Stick your soft toys in a machine-washable bag and stick them in the washing machine.

TIP: Save time with plastic toys by doing a load in your dishwasher. 

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Clean your pet’s food bowls

You don’t continuously use the same food bowl and cup to drink from. So why would your pets be subjected to this treatment? You should wash your pet’s food and drink bowls regularly. Just stick them in the dishwasher with your regular load to clean germs and keep your pet healthier. 

Groom your pet regularly

People don’t always consider this “cleaning,” but we actually think this is one of the most important cleaning tips for pet owners. Pet hair is a major problem, especially if you own cats and dogs.

Regular grooming of your cat or dog allows you to better manage the “pet-hair” problem. By regularly brushing your pets, it means you end up dealing with shedding hair at the source instead of allowing your pets to spread it all over the house, which would create a bigger cleaning task later on.

If you have been a bit lax with your grooming previously, then you should also invest in products to remove hair. Lint removers for clothing are good as they’re sticky and will pick up the hair. Duct tape is a good cheap option too. 

Baking soda, lemon, and other natural products can help remove odours

Pets smell. It’s unfortunate but it’s true. They do. Baking soda, vinegar and lemon are great natural products for removing odours. The most important “odour” you need to get rid of is urine. Sometimes your pets may have an accident (sometimes cats do it on purpose).

Their sense of smell is heightened. If your cat or dog urinates in an inappropriate spot, cleaning is vital. You may not be able to smell it anymore but without a thorough clean your pet may still smell urine. If they do, they may “go” there again. You don’t want this. Baking soda mixed with vinegar is great for getting rid of these smells. 

remove pet urine with baking soda

Clean up outside regularly

If you have a dog, they’re likely leaving “landmines” around the backyard. You should get out the poop scooper regularly for a couple of reasons:

1. The smell can become overbearing especially in hot weather,

2. Poop can be a breeding ground for viruses and insects,

3. In warmer weather, you may have guests over. Do you really want to risk having them step on a landmine in your backyard?


It can be hard to manage cleaning if you are a pet owner. We have shared some great cleaning tips for pet owners above but if you want the love of a pet without the need to clean up after them, you should get in touch today. We can organise a no-obligation quote for regular cleaning of your house. Get in touch today. 

Book a home cleaning service or end of lease cleaner online instantly!

Book a home cleaning service or end of lease cleaner online instantly!

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