7 Expert Cleaning Tips Everyone Should Consider

As Expert cleaners, we often get asked for expert cleaning tips from our clients – tips that they can follow when we aren’t there.

Because we get asked so often, we decided to outline some of them below.

Clean your Couches and Lounge Chairs

Have you ever picked up the cushions on your couch or chair only to be disgusted? You’re not the only one. Couches and chairs often get ignored as part of a cleaning routine. Yes, you might clean the top of a cushion if you spill something but this isn’t enough. You have to clean them properly.

You need to take off the cushions, clean away anything that has fallen down the cracks and then use your vacuum on the chair before placing the cushions back. If you have pets you might also want to consider some sort of deodoriser to minimise or remove smells. Alternatively, you could take the covers off the cushions and chuck them in the washing machine. 

expert cleaning tips for couches

Spring Clean & Spruce Up Your Mattress

This is one of our favourite expert cleaning tips. Now you don’t need to clean your mattress every time you change your sheets but it’s something you should do 2-3 times per year.

When you take off the sheets, don’t replace them straight away. You should sprinkle bicarb soda across your bed and leave it to sit for a few hours. This can absorb odours from your bed – often left there from sweat – as well as leaving a nice fresh smell itself. After a few hours have passed, you should vacuum up the excess bicarb for a freshly clean mattress.

Now is also a good time to rotate your mattress too.

Clean Your Computer

It’s important to clean your computer. They can get quite disgusting. A study by consumer group Which? In London found keyboards had more harmful bacteria than a toilet seat. The experts suggest cleaning and sanitising your keyboard with a specially designed air pressure cleaner, which you can buy from electronics stores like JB HIFI of OfficeWorks. If this is not an option you should look at a toothbrush and cotton buds. 

You can also try using a sanitising chemical like alcohol wipes but you need to be really careful not to damage the computer with liquids. 

Whilst you are at it, for your own stress relief, you should “clean up” your computer. Delete unwanted programs and files, clear your desktop and empty your email inbox. 

expert cleaning tips - alcohol wipes

Source: OfficeWorks

Re-Order and Clear Your Bookshelf

Can you see a bookshelf from where you are reading this article? When’s the last time you re-arranged the books on the bookshelf? Our expert cleaners offer the following tips for cleaning your bookshelf:

  1. Take all the books off your shelf and put them in a pile.
  2. Dust and wipe the shelves.Go through the books.
  3. Decide what you are going to keep, what you are going to donate or share with friends. 
  4. Dust the books and put them back on the shelf in an orderly pattern – options may include alphabetically, via subject, or even by colour if you want to go for a funky look.

Clean Up Spills as They Happen

Another expert cleaning tip is to ensure that you clean up spills as they happen. By doing this you:

  1. Ensure that the spill doesn’t spread.
  2. Neutralise any potential damage
  3. Dispose of waste.

Depending on what you spill, if you don’t clean up immediately you could end up with dangerous chemical releases, stains or other damage.

clean up spills immediately

Have a Checklist and a Routine

Our expert cleaners know it’s easier to keep up than catch up. They have a checklist and routine they follow for each house on their cleaning roster. Being organised and focused on the task at hand will help you complete your cleaning goals. 

The best way to speed up your cleaning is to create a cleaning checklist. You should consider the following steps on your own cleaning checklist.

  1. What days are you going to clean and how long can you clean on that day
  2. What tasks you need to do and how often you need to do them.
  3. You need to itemise tasks by room and make a checklist for each room

Once you know your tasks and how often they need to be done, then they can be assigned to specific days. You may also assign specific tasks to other people in the house – chores for your children possibly?

It’s important that you write down your schedule and stick to it. Consider rewards for completing your weekly checklist as a way to stay motivated.

If you’re looking for inspiration, then check out this other post about How to Clean Your House Fast & Properly, which has a checklist you can use.

Sometimes You Need the Experts

Sometimes you need to call in the Experts. If you’ve created your checklist above and realise you’re struggling to fit them in, or if there are complex stains you just can’t remove, then it might be time to call in the experts. If you’d like to have a no-obligation chat about how we can help you with your needs, then please get in touch today. 

Book a home cleaning service or end of lease cleaner online instantly!

Book a home cleaning service or end of lease cleaner online instantly!

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