How to Choose the #1 Strata Cleaning Company in Sydney

There are many strata cleaning companies to choose from. This can make it difficult to choose the best strata cleaning company in Sydney. We wanted to help you make the right choice by giving you a process to follow. Here is what you need to consider when choosing the strata cleaning company for your building.

how to choose a strata cleaning company

How to Choose the #1 Strata Cleaning Company in Sydney

What strata cleaning is needed?

Each building will have its own strata cleaning requirements based on its design. In addition, each strata will have different needs for their common areas. Some of the things you may want to consider include rubbish removal, mopping and vacuuming common areas, cleaning windows and glass doors, stairwell and lift cleaning, cobweb removal, car park cleaning and more.

Make a list of everything you need maintained in your strata building before checking out and assessing strata cleaning companies. Once you know exactly what is required, you’ll be able to ask the right questions of the companies you decide to ask for a quote. This will make everything a lot easier from the get go. 

tip for choosing a strata cleaning company

Assess what each strata cleaning company offers

Next, compile and compare your shortlist of strata cleaning companies. Using the list of strata cleaning requirements you made in point one, ask each of the companies you’re considering whether they are able to complete all of the tasks required in your building.

In an ideal world you’ll be able to find a specialist that can fulfil all of your requirements. In some circumstances, however, it may be better to get an expert for some specific, and less frequently needed tasks. A great strata cleaning company will have no problem identifying their areas of expertise. 

Does the strata cleaning company you’re looking at have good reviews?

Before you start to negotiate and agree on costs with a strata cleaning company you should check out their reviews. When you do your research online, looks for both positive and negative reviews.

A negative review should not necessarily disqualify a strata cleaning company from your list. If they have engaged with the negative review and made amends for any issue, then this is often a good sign that their intentions are good and that they honour their agreements. You may also want to ask a strata cleaning company for references to other buildings they clean. Have a chat to other strata managers to find out how they feel about the service that they are provided

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Will the strata cleaning company provide you with a tailored solution and fixed costs?

Once you’ve found a Strata Cleaning Company that you like, it’s time to start negotiations. Ask the company about their costs, what’s included for that cost, and whether it’s a fixed price contract. Make sure you are clear as to whether there will be any extra costs not part of your initial agreed price. 

All strata buildings are unique. Whilst they may have common cleaning tasks, they all have variable needs. They have different sized common areas and differing requirements for each of those areas. Some strata buildings may also have extra requirements. These extras could include things like carpet steam cleaning, garden maintenance, general property maintenance, car park cleaning and high pressure cleaning.

While some of these things may be required regularly, some may only be required once in a while. So finding the right strata cleaning company is also about finding a fit with your regular and occasional needs.  

We’d love to discuss your strata cleaning requirements. All our cleaners are trusted professionals. They are police checked, vetted, insured, and experienced strata cleaners. To get a customised quote, simply fill in our form online. We’ll get back to you within one business day to provide you with a quote or further discuss and confirm your needs. 

If you’re happy with the price, then we’ll organise a team of the right cleaners to come out and do the job. We’re prepared to back our service with a rock solid guarantee. If you’re note happy with the job that our cleaners do, we’ll send them back for free. We want you to be happy. 

Get a quote for strata cleaning online!

Get a quote for strata cleaning online!

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