How to Clean Your House Fast and Properly

How to clean your house fast and properly

This is an article about how to clean your house fast and properly. This article contains tips for regular cleaning routines – not your Spring Cleaning routine.

Spring Cleaning is called Spring Cleaning for a reason. There are tasks that you would do when you spring clean the house that you wouldn’t necessarily do every other time that you clean. But, obviously,  you can’t let the house get out of control and you can’t only clean once a year. Hence this article is here to help you with your regular cleaning.

If you want to clean your house fast and properly make sure you have a consistent system you follow every time

Cleaning your house fast and properly means that you need a system. You need to create a checklist to follow. Your checklist needs to cover the order in which you clean your rooms and the way in which you clean in each room. It is much more efficient to clean one room at a time, from one end to the other. In each room, you should clean the room from top to bottom. Write down your checklist so you don’t have to worry about remembering it. Store your checklist with all of your cleaning products. 

Here’s an example of a simple weekly checklist you can use. It’s a little different to the checklist we’d use when we clean your home but it’s a good start.

clean your house fast and properly by using a checklist

If you want to clean fast and properly make sure you work from the top to the bottom

The quickest way to clean is to ensure you only clean a surface once. If you are going to clean a room you should start at the top and work towards the bottom. With either a long-handled dust cleaner or even your vacuum cleaner, you should start with cleaning cobwebs and dust on the ceiling and in top corners. Then work your way down to benches and the floor. If you push dust down, then you can vacuum last and not have to go over any surfaces in a room twice. 

For more advice about the correct order to clean your house efficiently have a look at our other post by clicking the link.

clean top to bottom to clean you house fast and properly

Have all of your tools together and easily accessible


Buy a kitchen caddy and put all your items in it that you will need to clean the house quickly and efficiently. It should include the right cloths and dusting implements, as well as relevant cleaning products for different surfaces. If you are looking for environmentally friendly products, I would suggest a mixture of water, vinegar and bicarb soda.

For more environmentally-friendly and home-made products have a look at our other post on 20 cleaning hacks you’ll wish you knew sooner.

If everything is within arms reach at all times you won’t waste time walking across the house to get that product you need. For a fast clean of the house, you’ll find that you have similar tools in each room so it shouldn’t be too onerous to create a cleaning caddy to carry around with you.

If you can’t be bothered finding and buying a proper caddy then you can just use a bucket. 

cleaning caddy to clean house fast and properly

Leave the deep cleaning tasks for your Spring Clean


As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, we aren’t talking about an intensive Spring Clean in this article. Yes, we want the house to be clean, and yes, we want your family to be happy and healthy but there are some things you won’t need to do. You don’t have to intensively scrub walls. You don’t have to clean the oven. Nor do you have to strip down the laundry. Clean your dishes, wipe down your benches and make sure you dust. Leave the Spring Cleaning tasks for Spring.

For tips about Spring Cleaning, have a look at our other post here.

Make a list of 30-second tasks for quick tidying and cleaning jobs


Do you have 30 seconds to spare? Even that can be a stretch on some days but when you do there are a few things you can do to help tidy the house and make it look clean and smell nice.

Here’s some example 30 second tasks.

  1. Deoderise your bin next time you change your bin liner
  2. Dust the tv screen whilst you are waiting for your children
  3. Recycle old magazines or junk mail that’s been sitting in a pile in the corner.
  4. Throw out empty bottles in the bathroom. (Come on, we know you’ve got some empty bottles either on the bench or in the shower.)

The seemingly insignificant things can make a difference in making you feel better at home. Make a list of these 30-second tasks and do them when you can. Cleaning the house becomes easier and you won’t even notice you are cleaning.

We hope this article helps you to clean your house fast and properly but if these tips haven’t helped it may be time to outsource your cleaning. We’d love to have a chat for a no-obligation quote. Give us a call or create a customised quote online. 


Book a home cleaning service or end of lease cleaner online instantly!

Book a home cleaning service or end of lease cleaner online instantly!

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