How Do I Clean My Washing Machine

How do I clean my washing machine?

I bet that’s a question you never thought you would have to ask. “How do I clean my washing machine?” I mean, it’s supposed to be clean. It’s supposed to clean your clothes. How could it be dirty? It’s got water and detergent going through it all the time. Right?

But washing machines do get dirty. They get clogged, they get built up with gunk, and they get old. If they aren’t looked after properly, then they start working less effectively. Therefore, you need to maintain and clean your washing machine. You don’t need to do it every time but you do need to do it somewhat regularly. There are the filters, there are the pipes, and there are seals and dispensers. These can all get dirty. And it could be anyone of these things that causes you issues.

If your clothing is not coming out as clean as you’d like then here are some things that you need to do.

how do I clean my washing machine

How to Clean Your Washing Machine – Step by Step

Run a Hot Water Cycle While it’s Empty

Firstly, many people wash almost exclusively in cold water. Is this you? If so, I’d suggest that your first step would be to run your machine through a full cycle on hot whilst it’s empty.

Run it through on the hottest setting possible. You may want to add some detergent do help unclog your machine. If you would prefer a more environmentally friendly approach you could consider a mixture of 1/2 cup bicarbonate of soda and 2 cups white vinegar. Either mixture should help with the removal of grease and dirt.

Running a full cycle may clean your washing machine. If it doesn’t quite fix it you may need to do another cycle. The second time around you should use a sponge or a small brush (a toothbrush is a good size) to clean up any mould or build up that wasn’t removed in your first cycle.

How clean washing machine

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Leave the Door Open when it’s Not in Use

Obviously, given that they use water, there’s a lot of moisture build up in a washing machine. When not in use, you should leave the door to your washing machine open. You definitely shouldn’t leave any damp loads in your washing machine as this exacerbates the problem. Dampness increases your chances of mould build up and moisture reduces this problem.

Clean the Seals with a Cloth

There are a lot of seals in your washing machine. These often are a source of mould build up. Make sure you wipe them down with a damp cloth as part of the cleaning process. And make sure you leave them open to dry after you do. This will slow mould build up again and keep your washing machine clean longer.

Pro Tip: If you’ve got mould on your seals, wet the cloth with Vinegar first. Vinegar kills mould and helps stop it from coming back.

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Clean the Dispensers & Reconsider your Detergent Choice 

Most washing machines have dispensers for detergent and fabric softener. These often get clogged, build up residue, and get ignored. You know you don’t clean out your dispensers in your washing machine as often as you should 🙂 

Residue from these dispensers are a big cause of issues with your load of washing not coming out as clean as possible. If you can remove these dispensers take them out and put them through the dishwasher. If you can’t, use a damp cloth to clean out the grot.

Sometimes it’s not necessarily the machine but what you are putting in the machine. If you’re getting detergent residue after a wash you may want to look at either using less detergent or putting in a smaller load. The instructions on the package are a general guide and you may have to change things slightly to suit your own machine.

Hire a Professional 

If all else fails, and you want to clean your washing machine, you could pay someone to do it. If you have a cleaner looking after other parts of the house you could ask them to add cleaning and maintenance of the washing machine to part of their regular routine. You’ll be happy if you do.

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Cleaning your washing machine shouldn’t be left until it’s too late. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your washing machine could save you money. It could mean that your washing machine lasts longer and you don’t have to upgrade machines as often. You won’t regret it.

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