How to Clean Windows Without Streaks

How to Clean Windows

This blog post will teach you how to clean windows without streaks. The cleaners at Simply Spotless are well versed in window cleaning. You can add window cleaning as an extra to your cleaning service whenever you need it. We also provide window cleaning as part of our bond (end of lease) cleaning package. 

Our cleaners are professionals with years of experience. Now we’re going to show you how to clean windows without steaks and how to clean windows with Vinegar. The first step to keeping your windows clean it to make sure you clean them often. Cleaning your windows once a year will prevent dirt from building up, which would obviously make it easier to clean. 

hot to clean windows without streaks

How to Clean Windows Without Steaks

in 5 Steps

1. Dust and brush down the windows

The first step to clean your windows without streaks is to remove any excess dirt, dust, and cobwebs. Find a dust-pan brush, a dusting wand, a broom, or something similar. Then brush down the windows to remove any built up dirt, cobwebs, or grime. It best to start at the top of each window and work your way down. Then brush down the window sill and use a dust pan or vacuum to pick up anything that fell on the window sill and the floor. 

How to clean windows

Source: Bunnings

2. Pick a detergent and start washing

There are lots of different window washing products that you can choose from. In Australia, you’ll tend to come across Windex and Ajax. Both of these will do the job. However, some of you may prefer to use something you already have lying around your home. If that’s the case then you could try a tiny bit of dishwashing detergent mixed with water or you could try vinegar. I’ll talk more about Vinegar later.

If you’re using a store bought window cleaning detergent, then just spray it on the window and wipe in a circular motion with a paper towel, newspaper, or a microfibre cloth (recommended).

If you’re using detergent mixed with water then just dip the microfibre cloth (or the sponge of your squeegee) into the water and rub the window in a circular motion. Think Karate Kid – wax on, wax off. For stubborn marks, you might need to get store bought window cleaning solutions involved. Alternatively, you can add a cap of methylated spirits to your water instead. 

TIP 1: To get a good clean, it’s best to use cold water. Hot water evaporates too quickly.
TIP 2: Always clean from the top of the windows down. That way you won’t have dirty water dripping down onto the areas you’ve already cleaned.  

3. Squeegee the window dry

You don’t have to use a squeegee to dry the window but it’s the fastest and most efficient way to get it done. However, using a squeegee properly takes a bit of practice. Hold the squeegee so that the handle is at a 45 degree angle to the glass. Start at the top left of the window and snake your way down going from left to right and then right to left. Use a rag or cloth to wipe the squeegee dry between each stroke or when needed. That will help to prevent steaks.

clean windows without streaks

4. Wipe the window down with a cloth

Even professionals can’t completely dry the window with just a squeegee. To prevent steak marks, you’ll need to use a dry microfibre cloth (recommended), paper towel, or newspaper to wipe the windows dry after you squeegee them. Using a circular motion dry the windows from top to bottom. Make sure the cloth is clean and dry. 

5. Clean up the window sills and floors

When you’re done with step 4, you’ll probably have some water on the window sill and sometimes even on the floor. Use a towel to dry these areas because a microfibre cloth with get wet and dirty too quickly. 

If there are any marks left on the windows, give them a rub with your microfibre cloth or repeat the process from the start.

When you’re done cleaning all the windows on the inside of your home, then you can do the outside too. Your windows will be left looking Simply Spotless.


How to Clean Windows with Vinegar

Do you like doing this the natural way and want to avoid using store bought chemicals? Then you might want to know how to clean windows with vinegar. Making a cleaning solution with vinegar it easy.

All you need to do is create a solution that is half white vinegar and half cold tap water. Some people say apple cider vinegar works better but its a lot more expensive, especially if you have lots of windows.

TIP: If your windows are really dirty, add a cap of methylated spirits to the mixture and that should do the trick. 

To clean the windows with vinegar, simply use the same procedure that we explained above. Alternatively, you can use the spray and wipe techniques as shown below. 

How to clean windows with vinegar

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