Strata Cleaning – What You Need – It’s the little things that count.

There are many strata cleaning companies out there. Some of them are experts, some just say they do this type of cleaning in the hope of getting more clients. It can be hard to know which company to choose. It’s not something you want to get wrong – this can cause untold headaches later on.

That’s why we have written this article. It’s the little things that count. It’s that cleaning company  that does those “little extras,” the ones you may not think about when initially looking for a quote, that make a big difference. If you can choose the right strata cleaning company in the beginning, it will be a big stress off your strata manager’s shoulder later on.

We’ve outlined what you need to consider below when choosing a strata cleaning company for your building. 

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Strata Cleaning – What You Need

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Most strata properties will have some common carpeted areas. These are often also in high-traffic areas. You’ll want these areas cleaned and maintained regularly. Some strata cleaning companies don’t have the right equipment for carpet steam cleaning and you may need to outsource this.

Other companies offer carpet steam cleaning as an optional extra that you can add whenever it’s needed. When you are choosing your strata cleaning provider, make sure you choose one that can also do carpet steam cleaning as part of what they offer.

There are 2 reasons you may need carpet steam cleaning. First, it’s a good idea to do carpet steam cleaning once or twice per year to maintain your carpets. Second, you may also have to occasionally steam clean stains out of the carpet when accidents happen.

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High Pressure Cleaning

The majority of strata properties will have some common outdoor areas. As such, you’ll also want your chosen strata cleaning company to be one that can conduct high pressure cleaning as part of their value added services.

There are a number of areas that can be enhanced with high pressure cleaning, including pathways, bricked areas, walls, window exteriors and more. As you can see, high pressure cleaning is important.

High pressure cleaning is not necessarily something you need done all the time but it is something you should consider having done as part of your regular strata cleaning services. It can remove hazards and bring a shine back to your outdoor spaces. Make sure that high pressure cleaning is something your strata cleaning company can offer otherwise you’ll need to start getting quotes all over again when you do need it. 

Lift and Stairwell Cleaning

The common lifts and stairwells will be some of the highest traffic areas in your strata property. They will also be areas where residents and guests are most likely to “touch” surfaces. The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced why you want to focus on these areas as part of your regular strata cleaning.

You want to make sure these areas are cleaned and sanitised properly. Properly cleaning and sanitising these commonly touch areas is a detailed process. It’s not as easy as a simple wipe of the surfaces. You want to make sure that the lifts and stairwells in your strata property are not just cleaned, but they are disinfected (and disinfected regularly.) Your tenants will expect and appreciate it. 

Garden Maintenance

If your strata property has a common garden area it will need to be maintained. For the sake of convenience you might want to look at contracting a strata cleaning company that will also help with your garden maintenance. Here are just a few of the garden maintenance services that some strata cleaning suppliers may offer – lawn mowing, hedge pruning, edge trimming, weeding, mulching, and more.

A well manicured garden will make for happy tenants. Overgrown gardens can also be a safety hazard so it’s best to ensure that they are maintained regularly. It’s much more convenient to only have to deal with one company than it is to have to deal with multiple companies to separately maintain the garden and do your strata cleaning. It can often be much more cost effective too.

The right strata cleaning company will enhance your strata property. They are an asset to your property, not just an expense. The service they provide goes above and beyond what you’ll pay in fees each month. It will make tenants and owners happy, it will make guests happy and, given increased awareness due to COVID-19, it will keep those visiting the strata property healthier. If you would like a no obligation quote for cleaning at your Sydney strata property, we’d love to help you out. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to chat. We’ll help you work out what you need. 

Looking for more helpful tips on strata cleaning? Check out our blog articles here.

Get a quote for strata cleaning & maintenance in Sydney 

Get a quote for strata cleaning & maintenance in Sydney 

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