20 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Looking for some cleaning hacks to get your home looking spotless? Want to know how to use common household items to remove stubborn stains. Then check out these 20 brilliant cleaning hacks that will making cleaning everything faster and easier.

20 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks

1. Use baking soda & vinegar to clean your oven

Clean Oven With Baking Soda And Vinegar

Oven cleaner only costs a few dollars but it’s full of potentially harmful chemicals. If you’re concerned about the effects of these chemicals, then mix some baking soda in some vinegar. Apply the solution to your oven and trays and let it soak for 30 minutes. Then scrub the dirt and grime off when it’s soft. Source: Slightly Steady

2. Remove hard water stains using lemons

Use Lemons To Remove Hard Water Stains

This cleaning hack is a great way to remove limescale. Cut a lemon in half and rub it on the effected areas in your bathroom, laundry, or kitchen. Let the juice soak in for 10 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Source: Your House and Garden

3. Use a squeeze bottle lid as a vacuum cleaner nozzle

vacuum cleaning hack

Finding it hard to reach into cracks and crevices when vacuuming. The suction of the vacuum will hold the lid in place while allowing you to get into hard to vacuum places. More info: Fooyoh

4. Remove water rings from wood with your hair dryer

water mark cleaning hack

Fresh water rings can be removed easily with this simple cleaning hack. Just use a hairdryer to make the water in the ring evaporate. You can even use olive oil to coat the wood afterwards. Source: Your House and Garden

5. Use baking soda & vinegar to clean your iron


Ah, this old trick. Not only can it clean your oven, but this trick can also be used to rejuvenate an old iron. Mix the baking soda into some vinegar and let the iron sit in it for a while. Then scrub it clean. Full instructions: Thrifty & Chic

6. Use ammonia on your stove burners


Stove burners can be hard to clean, but not with these simple cleaning hacks. Just put the stove burners into a tupperware or ziplock bag. Then add enough ammonia to cover the burners and let it sit for at least 12 hours. You’ll be able to wipe them clean with a sponge when it’s done. Source: The V Spot

7. Get grease stains out of clothing with chalk


Rub the chalk into the grease stains and it will absorb the grease! Then simply wash as usual and voila! No more stains. Source: Kitchen Stewardship

8. Use grapefruit and salt to clean your bathtub

bathtub cleaning hack

Looking for a natural cleaning hack for your bathtub? Put some salt on a plate and dip half a grapefruit into it. Then use the salty grapefruit to scrub the tub. When you’re done, rinse it with warm water and enjoy your lovely smelling and clean tub. More info: Apartment Therapy

9. Clean a fabric sofa with baking soda


How good is baking soda? To clean your sofa, just sprinkle baking soda on it and let it sit for at least an hour. The baking soda will absorb an odours and then you can just vacuum it off. Source: Yanowhatimean

10. Use a razor to remove paint from clothes


Been getting your hands (and clothes) dirty in some renovating? If you’ve got paint on your clothes, grab a fresh, sharp razor and shave it right off. Make sure it’s sharp of you could cut your clothing. More info: Ask Anna

11. Use Coca-Cola to clean a stained toilet


If you’re averse to toxic chemicals like bleach, then try Coke as a toilet cleaner. If may not be healthy but it’s a great toilet cleaner. Coca-Cola can even be used in cleaning hacks for your jewellery.

12. Clean screens with a coffee filter


If you have coffee filter lying around, then try using them to clean your computer or TV screens. The filters trap dust without leaving behind little fibres like a paper towel might. Source: Apartment Therapy

13. Use Olive Oil to repair scratches in leather furniture


Using a circular motion, rub the olive oil into the leather with a soft cloth. Give it an hour or so to dry and then wipe it off with a clean cloth. More info: Mash-up Chic

14. Clean your cutting boards with lemon and salt


Lemons are not only great at cleaning but are also good for sanitising. For this cleaning hack, cut one in half and dip it in course salt. Then scrub the cutting board until it is clean. Source: Mary Crimmins

15. Clean cast iron pots and pans with sea salt


Use the salt as an effective and natural abrasive to scrub your cast iron clean. Instructions: Tory Avey

16. Use a lint roller to clean lamp shades


Lampshades can gather a lot of dust over time. You could wipe them with a damp cloth or simply use a lint roller as one of your cleaning hacks. More info: The Creek Line House

17. Use a lemon to clean your microwave


Lemons are fantastic, aren’t they? Put a cup of lemon and water into your microwave and turn it on for a minute at high. Then wipe it clean. How: The Kitchn

18. Use a rubber glove to remove pet hair


Dog and/or cat hair everywhere? Grab some rubber gloves and rub your furniture. The gloves are great at grabbing the hairs and clumping them together. Source: Real Simple

19. Remove oil and grease stains from carpets with… Baking soda!


What a handy thing to have in the home. Pour some baking soda on the effected areas and then spray with 50/50 vinegar and water. Let it sit for a few hours and then vacuum it up. Details: Instructables

20. Use vinegar and plastic bag to clean your shower head.


For the last of our cleaning hacks, put some white vinegar into a plastic bag and secure it to the shower head with an elastic band. Make sure the shower head it submersed in the vinegar. Remove after a couple hours and run the shower on hot for a minute. 

That’s it! 20 new cleaning hacks to add to your arsenal. Hungry for more hacks? Learn the correct order to clean your house efficiently or use these 12 tips to remove mould naturally

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