7 Cleaning Tips for Busy Mums

A common refrain from mums is that they are incredibly busy and their house is a mess. Busy mums tell us that they don’t have time to clean. We get it. It can be hard and it can be easy to become overwhelmed. That’s why we have written this article containing 7 cleaning tips for busy mums. We want you to be happy in your home and proud to have guests. We hope you find it useful.

cleaning tips busy mums

7 Cleaning Tips for Busy Mums

Get the Kids Involved

Chances are a lot of the mess in your household is caused by your children, so cleaning tip number 1 for busy mums is to get your children involved in cleaning up the mess. You can make it more “fun” for them to be involved by creating checklists, making a game of cleaning and rewarding chore completion. Cleaning tip for busy mums 1b – don’t forget to make your husband do some of the chores around the house too.

Get the kids involved in cleaning

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Be Efficient with Your Cleaning

There are a number of ways that you can increase the efficiency of your cleaning routine – and efficiency is vital if you are a busy mum. Any time you have 30 seconds you should dust a shelf or put something away. Instead of hand cleaning stove grates or kids bath toys why not put them in the dishwasher? You can also buy multi-surface cleaners to more quickly clean up around the house.

Have a Cleaning Caddy

Invest in a quality cleaning caddy – one that is easy to transport around the house and carries all of the cleaning products you will need for each room. Otherwise, you can end up wasting time going backwards and forwards constantly to get the right equipment that you need. If all of your cleaning products are in the one caddy you will save time.

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Clean Up Mess and Clutter as You Go

Don’t leave clutter lying around. Don’t leave a dish on the table or a pile of papers anywhere. Clutter collects dust and looks messy. If you allow clutter to accumulate it also encourages the accumulation of more clutter. Clutter begets clutter. Any time you leave a room, if there is anything you can move to its rightful place you should do so. This habit takes time to develop but once you’re in the habit of doing it, things will be easier to clean. 

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Follow a Schedule

The best way to get through all of your cleaning tasks for the week is to follow a schedule. You should set a schedule for yourself, your partner and your children. If you have a schedule, tasks you set for the start of the week impact tasks that can happen later in the week. There are plenty of examples of this but here’s one example – you might get your children to put all of their dirty clothes in a laundry basket Sunday night and drop it in the Laundry. This allows you to do the Laundry on Monday morning.

Remove Shoes at the Door

The bottom of shoes can be quite disgusting – whether your shoes, your kid’s shoes or the shoes of guests. You could ask everyone to take off their shoes at the door when they come into your house, reducing the risk of dirt being traipsed throughout the house. This will likely mean less cleaning for you. Again, it takes time to instil this habit in everyone. However, once the habit is set, you’ll notice a lot less dirt being tracked into the house. Plus, it will be a lot more hygienic, which is especially important for young children. 

Groom your Pets

If not groomed properly pets can shed a lot of hair, creating a lot of mess around the house. Regular brushing out hair from your cat or dog means they are less likely to shed around the house. This means your house will look much cleaner. Pet hair can be hard to clean from surfaces, particularly carpets. So it’s much less time consuming to groom them before the problem arises. And thats it, 7 cleaning tips for busy mums at your disposal. 

Here is a bonus cleaning tip for you. You don’t have to clean if you don’t want to. As a busy mum, you could outsource your cleaning. We would be happy to give you a no-obligation quote on regular cleaning for yourself and you can get back to doing what you would rather be doing. Fill in our online quotatino form to create a customised quote. 

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Book a home cleaning service and get up to 20% off regular cleaning!

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