Cleaning Tips – Keeping Your House Looking Tidy

Keeping your house looking tidy can be difficult. Many parents get stressed by the thought of keeping their house tidy. It can be tedious and it can be a burden. They feel like all they spend their time doing is cleaning. 

With this article we want to share with you some tips. These tips will help you make your house look tidier. They reduce your stress and make you feel more comfortable in your home. It’s about setting up the right systems and the right daily tasks. If you create the right habits you will find that cleaning becomes easier and your life becomes less stressful.

keeping the house tidy

Keeping your house looking tidy starts with making the bed

You might think that making the bed is just a silly waste of time. We often hear people say, “but no one sees my bedroom and I am going to just get back in there later on tonight.” We get it but if you really want to get a start on keeping your house looking tidy, just make your bed. It doesn’t take long – probably less than a minute. And, as we mentioned, keeping your house clean in a stress free way requires good habits. Starting off your day right means you’re more likely to stick to your other cleaning habits as well. Try getting your kids to earn TV time by making their own beds.

Keeping your house looking tidy means putting everything away after use

Most people find their house becomes untidy because they leave things lying around. They don’t put things away after they use them. If you don’t put things away immediately after use, then the mess piles up. Eventually this becomes overwhelming. Cleaning becomes time intensive and this can cause stress for you.

If you put everything away after use then you won’t have this problem. If everything gets put back where it belongs immediately, it will take basically no time and your house will look much cleaner. So, make sure you put things away after use and make sure small messes don’t turn into a big mess.

Keeping house tidy by putting things away

Make sure everything has its place

Of course, if you’re going to put everything away after use, then you have to have somewhere to put it. To avoid clutter and avoid piles stacked up around the house, you need to know where everything goes. If there are things in your house that don’t have a space, then make one. This includes a spot for your keys and a spot for your shoes. Big, or small, make sure everything has its place.

Once everything has a place, it will be easier to keep up with putting things away after they are used. This will speed up the process because you won’t waste time finding a place to put everything. The first time you do it, it may take a bit longer, so start with one room at a time and work through it methodically. In the long run, it will make tidying up much easier. 

Don’t let the laundry pile up

Nobody likes doing the laundry. It’s a thankless task that takes longer than you want it to. For this reason many people put off doing laundry as long as possible. Washing piles up and it starts to look untidy. This can cause stress for many.

How often you need to do laundry depends on how many people are in your home. If it’s just you, then you can probably do it once a week. However, if you’ve got kids then you’ll need to do it more often or your home will start to look cluttered and untidy.

If you make the effort to do a load of washing daily then your laundry won’t pile up and your house won’t look untidy. If you’re looking for a process to follow you could put a load of washing on before you go to work and stick it in the dryer at the end of the day. Make sure you fold and put it away immediately.

Wipe down your sinks regularly

Whether we are talking about the kitchen or the bathroom, you need to wipe down your sink daily if you want your house to keep looking tidy. In the kitchen you have food residue and other mess that should be wiped away after you have used the sink. In the bathroom you need to wipe away toothpaste, hair and/or makeup. Tidy people wipe down their sinks after each use.

Again, your need for this will depend on how busy your home is. If it’s just you, then you could get away with doing it once a day in the kitchen (e.g. after you’ve cleaned up following your dinner). If your home is more busy, then you might need to wipe down your sinks in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry after each use. The same applies to toilets – give the bowl a scrub after use as needed.

Sort and recycle your papers ASAP

Mail, bills, newspapers, catalogues and other paperwork. It all adds up and it all piles up quite quickly. It can take over benches and it can take over the dining table. You need to file away what needs to be filed and you need to recycle what needs to be recycled as soon as possible. Regularly recycling your paperwork means that you have less clutter around the house. You’ll also be more organised because you’ll pay your bills more quickly and this will further reduce your stress.

Keeping your house looking tidy might mean hiring professional cleaners

A professional cleaner might not be within your household budget but if it is, then you might want to consider engaging a cleaner. Hiring a regular cleaner means the main cleaning work gets done for you and leaves you with just the simple daily tidying process. This will keep your family happier and healthier. Having a cleaner can also motivate you to do the regular tidying. No one likes paying a cleaner to tidy up when they are supposed to be doing the more important cleaning work.

If you would like a no obligation quote on regular cleaning for your house, please get in touch today.

Book a home cleaning service or end of lease cleaner online instantly!

Book a home cleaning service or end of lease cleaner online instantly!

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