Car Park Cleaning – 5 Reasons Why it’s Important

Does your strata property have a car park? If so, it’s vitally important to ensure that your chosen strata cleaning company regularly cleans and maintains your car park. Don’t believe me? Let me expand a little below.

If your building has a high traffic car park – a shopping centre, apartment block, or something similar – there will be cars coming and going all day. There will be a lot of vehicle traffic and foot traffic. Without regular cleaning the car park will become dirty. You need to get a professional strata cleaning company to ensure it stays clean. There are 5 key reasons for this that we will expand upon below. 

car park cleaning why its important

Car Park Cleaning – 5 Reasons Why it’s Important

A good first impression – A clean car park reflects well on your business

If people are driving to your building and parking in your carpark it’s the car park that gives them their first impression of your property. This can impact on those leasing space in your property. If your car park is not clean and neat it doesn’t matter how clean your lobby is. A dark, dingy and dirty car park leaves people with a negative experience before they’ve even entered the building. Don’t do this in your building. Make sure your strata cleaning company is cleaning the car park regularly to ensure your car park users are left with a happy first experience. You won’t regret it. 

car park cleaning first impressions

Car park cleaning creates a safer environment

Cars leak motor oil occasionally. The more cars that come into your car park, the more chance there is that these leaks may happen in your car park. A motor oil spillage can cause stains. It’s also slippery and can cause issues for vehicles and pedestrians. A motor oil spillage left uncleaned can be dangerous for those using the car park. Make sure your chosen strata cleaning company is on top of this regularly.

Whilst motor oil may be one of the bigger dangers, you also need to keep on top of other dust and debris – and not just for health and safety reasons. If spills and mess aren’t cleaned, they can be driven by rain or wind into waterways and out into the environment. This causes potential issues for plants and animals. If environmental concerns are big for you (and they should be), then you’ll want to ensure you’re working with a strata cleaning company that uses environmentally friendly cleaning products – one that uses minimal chemicals and high pressure cleaning equipment.

car park cleaning creates a safer environment

A clean car park is less likely to attract pests

Dirt and debris can attract pests to your car park. You’re less likely to see rats, cockraoches, and other pests in a clean car park. A “clean” car park doesn’t give these pests the materials they need to make their home. Once some pests move in, more will follow.

Is litter a problem in your car park? If your car park is dirty, those using it won’t think twice about adding their own rubbish. More rubbish means more pests. 

If your car park is cleaned regularly, drivers and pedestrians are less likely to make a mess. If they’re less likely to make a mess, the pests are less likely to make your car park their home.

Less pests in your car park is also more cost effective. If you find you have pests in your car park, you’ll need to spend money on pest control and, potentially car park maintenance from any damage caused by pests. 

car park cleaning pressure wash

A longer-lasting parking surface – Saves you money long term.

Having your strata cleaning company do regular car park cleaning is also a good investment in your strata property. A regularly cleaned and well maintained car park surface will last longer. Properly cleaning away debris means the surface won’t get damaged. The wear and tear will be minimised. The road will stay sealed longer and will be less likely to be damaged by water. Regular cleaning means less regular and minimised long term maintenance costs. 

Your tenant’s cars are less likely to be damaged.

A non-cleaned car park can leave debris on the road. This can cause scratching to cars or, worse, damage to tyres. There’s nothing worse than a deflated tyre caused by a nail, rock or similar. Not only does this take time out of a tenant’s day to get repaired, this also comes at a cost – one they may try to hit up their strata managers to cover. Regular cleaning of car park surfaces reduces this risk. This will of course lead to happier tenants who are more likley to stick around for longer. 

If you are looking for a strata cleaning company that also offers regular car park cleaning, please get in touch today. We’d love to help you with a no obligation chat to discuss your needs. 

Request a quote for strata cleaning online!

Request a quote for strata cleaning online!

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