Curtain Care: How to Clean Curtains Without the Hassle

Curtains are like the unsung heroes of our homes. They frame our windows, provide privacy, and add a touch of elegance and style to our living spaces. But let’s face it – they also collect dust and allergens, absorb cooking odours, and occasionally suffer from mysterious stains. Many often wonder how to clean curtains and how frequently this task should be done and the number depends on a few factors.

For anyone living with allergies in the household, the trapped impurities can create stronger reactions. Additionally, smoking can not only discolour the curtains but the smell gets trapped, causing the smoke to linger longer. So, for people in the above scenarios, the best times to clean curtains would be weekly or fortnightly, for deeper cleans every six weeks. More generally speaking, doing it once every 3 months would be sufficient. 

Understanding how to clean curtains without having to take them down is an exciting prospect. Let’s be honest, who really wants to take down all that material when Simply Spotless can provide you with some simple solutions on how to clean curtains without the hassle of taking them down.

woman cleaning curtains with a vacuum cleaner

How to Clean Curtains – without taking them down

1. The Vacuum Wonder

Imagine this: You’re sipping your morning coffee, gazing out the window, and suddenly notice those dusty curtains. Don’t stress, dust is prevalent and we know curtains can be good at trapping dust. Before you do anything, give those curtains a good shake down. It might seem obvious but giving them a light beating will dislodge and remove any dust and dirt. 

Then it’s time to go and grab your trusty vacuum cleaner, attach the soft brush, and let the magic begin. Gently vacuum your curtains from top to bottom, say goodbye to dust bunnies and allergens. It’s like a spa day for your curtains – minus the cucumber slices.

2. Spot Clean with a Gentle Solution

For light stains and for your general maintenance to keep your curtains clean this simple solution makes a great spot cleaner. Simple to apply whilst they are still hanging:

1. Prepare a cleaning solution: Mix 1 teaspoon of dish soap and 50 mL of rubbing alcohol in 5 litres of water.

2. Wipe down the curtains: Use a soft cloth or mitt to wipe the fabric gently. Change the solution as needed while cleaning.

woman cleaning curtains with a steam cleaner

3. Steam Cleaning for Stubborn Stains

If your curtains have stubborn stains, it’s time to consider steam cleaning.
Use a handheld steamer to gently steam the curtains working from the top down, be gentle with the fabric and careful not to pull on it. Before you start, we suggest performing a spot check on a discreet area to confirm the fabric can withstand the steam. Alternatively, you can check the fabric care label for any specific instructions that may be provided there.

4. Deodorise The Natural Way

Keep your curtains smelling fresh by:

1. Airing them out: On a sunny day, open the windows and let the curtains breathe. If you do this often, particularly when it’s warm and dry outside, it can help to keep your curtains smelling fresher. 

2. Sprinkle with baking soda: Lightly sprinkle baking soda on the fabric, leave it for a few hours, and then vacuum it off. It will leave your curtains refreshed and deodorised. You might have to take your curtains down to do this properly so reserve this method for more problematic cases. 

3. Essential oils: Mix a few drops of your favourite essential oil with water, and lightly spritz the curtains. This will leave a pleasant scent without any harsh chemicals. Adding vinegar to the mix can help to kill bacteria that cause unpleasant smells. 

How to Clean Curtains –  the Sheer and Delicate

Most often we have two window dressings, the sheer curtain and the heavy blockout type. Your sheer curtains need a little extra TLC, so to remove dust and debris, gently bunch them up and give them a light shake. If you find any spot marks, a mixture of water and mild detergent can be used. You will also need white wine vinegar with a second clean wet sponge. Firstly, dab the spot mark with water and mild detergent. Then grab your second sponge and dab with the white wine vinegar. Alternate between the detergent mix and vinegar until the stain is removed, ensuring to spot check first of course. Then simply allow your curtains to dry in the breeze with your windows open. 

Keeping Your Curtains Clean For Longer

Curtains naturally absorb impurities, yet implementing a few simple measures and knowing how to clean curtains can help minimise their impact.

Clean your windows regularly – if you are in a low traffic area, you can get away with cleaning your windows twice a year. Clean windows mean less dust can transfer to your curtains.

Ventilate regularly – the breeze helps freshen your curtains however if you live in a busy area, dust will find its way into your home and onto your curtains. This shouldn’t be a concern as mould spores will not develop on the curtains when there is plenty of fresh air.

Remember, it’s important to regularly clean and maintain your curtains to not only keep them looking good but also to prolong their lifespan. Our how to clean curtain tips are easy to follow, easily remove stubborn stains and keep your curtains smelling fresh.

Woman cleaning windows to keep curtains clean

Turn to the Professionals

When you have heavily soiled or stained curtains, consider professional cleaning services. Professional cleaners have the expertise to handle delicate fabrics and tough stains. Make sure you reach out to someone that specialises in cleaning fabrics. 

When you maintain the cleanliness of your curtains it will enhance the beauty of your home and contribute to a healthier indoor environment. So, embrace these curtain-cleaning methods and enjoy a fresher living space!

Maintaining clean curtains doesn’t have to be daunting. Simply Spotless makes cleaning easy, follow us on our socials for more tips and tricks. If you need a full comprehensive clean of your home, the request a quote. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Book a home cleaning service or end of lease cleaner online instantly!

Book a home cleaning service or end of lease cleaner online instantly!

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