7 Spring Cleaning Tips for a Simple Clean House

7 Spring Cleaning Tips for a Simple, Clean House

Spring Cleaning the house is something that we all have on our to-do list but it’s not something that many of us enjoy. We’ve created this article with 7 spring cleaning tips to make your job easier – a simple process to follow and tips to make sure that you don’t miss anything as part of your cleaning process.

If you want your house to sparkle but don’t know where to start, these spring cleaning tips could be incredibly useful.

Spring Cleaning Tip 1 – Make a schedule

You need to make a schedule. It should cover all of the rooms you need to clean and include a checklist for each room. That way you know that you won’t miss anything. You know that all your spring cleaning tasks will be done.

As an added spring cleaning tip, I suggest that you create time deadlines for each task. If you set yourself a deadline for each task you’ll work faster. You need to start with those rooms that you least want to clean and do the harder tasks first.

To get you going, here’s a checklist you can use to get started on creating your own schedule.  

Spring cleaning checklist

Source: Sylvane

Spring Cleaning Tip 2 – Work each room in the same order

With your cleaning you need to start at the top of the room and work to bottom, also moving from left to right, and towards the door. That way, any movement of dust is downwards. Then, the last thing you do in a room is the vacuum. If you do it any other way, then dust will be displaced and you’ll likely need to cover some areas twice.

spring cleaning tip

Credit: Sylvane

Spring Cleaning Tip 3 – Clean one room at a time

If you clean one room at a time, your cleaning will be completed much more efficiently than if you are constantly moving items around the house. If something does need to be moved to another room, put it in a box and leave putting that item away until it’s time to go into that room.

Spring Cleaning Tip 4 – Declutter whilst you are cleaning

Your spring cleaning time is also a great time to declutter. If you need to get rid of a pile of papers or magazines, now is the time to do so. If you need to donate some clothes to charity, then now is the time to do so.

Spring Cleaning Tip 4

Spring Cleaning Tip 5 – Don’t forget the walls and windows

You need to scrub down your internal walls. You need to clean your inside windows. In doing so you’ll give each of your rooms a sparkle the one you may have forgotten exists.) A clean window will allow more bright light into each room and make each room feel more homely.
Spring Cleaning Tip 6 – Clean the sink whilst cleaning the kitchen (and don’t forget your cabinets) 

Spring Cleaning Tip 5

Spring Cleaning Tip 6 – Clean the sink whilst cleaning the kitchen (and don’t forget your cabinets)

Spring cleaning the kitchen is more than just wiping down your benches. You need to clean inside the sink drains (to remove blockages and smells) and you need to clean inside and outside any kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets can become grimy so take everything out, wipe them down and put everything back.

Spring Cleaning Tip 3

Spring Cleaning Tip 7 – Cleaning outside the house is important

Spring cleaning is not just about making the inside of your house look great. You have to clean the outside of the house too. You should clean windows, wash down walls, clear gutters, clear weeds from the driveway and you should clean your doormat. A clean exterior will make your house much more welcoming.

As you have seen, here are 7 Spring Cleaning Tips to make your job easier. In conclusion, I am going to give you one bonus tip. If you want to spring clean your house but you don’t have the time it is okay to call in the experts. We can help you organise a Spring Clean. If you want us to give you a no-obligation quote on Spring Cleaning (and potentially regular cleaning) please get in touch today.

You can get a customised quote for a spring clean by adding the “deep clean” extra to the form when making a customised quote online.

Get a customised quote for a ‘deep clean’ and even book online.

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