Strata Garden Maintenance – What Does that Mean

Strata cleaning Companies offer a broad range of services. For many companies, one of those services is strata garden maintenance. If a strata building has common garden areas, then it’s up to the building managers to ensure that these garden areas are maintained. This can, and often does, include lawn care and garden maintenance. If you have a common garden area, then it makes sense to ensure you choose a strata cleaning company that covers garden maintenance as well. 

The maintenance of common garden areas is a legislative requirement. Gardens should not be allowed to fall into disrepair. It’s best to go with regular garden maintenance to ensure that the garden doesn’t become disheveled and require major remediation work. Having regular maintenance completed will often work out cheaper in the long run. 

Let’s look a bit further at some of the garden maintenance services that can be offered to you as a customer – ensuring you have healthy looking lawns and great looking gardens for your tenants and residents. 

strata garden maintenance

Strata Garden Maintenance – What Does that Mean

Garden Care Services

The first service that can be offered by the strata company will be garden care services. This includes pruning and reshaping of trees and shrubs. This serves two major benefits. Pruning is beneficial for the health of trees and shrubs. It’s also often required for safety – to ensure that paths are not blocked or impacted. Sometimes your strata cleaning company may have landscape gardeners that can create artistic features for your garden with their pruning.

Hedges are also popular in residential estates and surrounding commercial properties. Hedges require a lot of regular maintenance. This is required for them to look good and also to ensure it’s safe for people walking past. First impressions count, and it’s important that hedges are maintained to give this great first impression. 

It’s not all shrubs, hedges and trees though. The right garden maintenance strategy may include the choice of flowering plants and ensuring any garden beds are fertilised. 

strata hedge maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

In addition to maintaining hedges, trees, shrubs and flowering plants, a well resourced strata cleaning company will also cover lawn maintenance. This includes routine lawn mowing and other care services – weeding, fertilising and reseeding areas as required. Lawn care and maintenance is not necessarily a simple process. You want to make sure that you have experts to care for your strata property’s lawn. As well as the weeding and fertilising, you will want to choose a strata cleaning company that also covers pest control and disease management.

A quality strata cleaning company that offers lawn maintenance will liaise with you to set the schedule. The schedule will likely vary across seasons. As lawns grow faster in spring and autumn, more lawn care and mowing will likely be required. As the lawn grows more slowly over winter, there’s less requirement for mowing and maintenance.

strata lawn maintenance

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If your strata cleaning company is one that also provides garden maintenance you want to choose one that also offers mulching. Mulching will prevent weeds from germinating, smothering them if they do manage to sprout. Mulching also eventually decomposes producing much needed nutrients to your trees and shrubs. Lastly, is helps to ensure that the soil stays moist in the hotter months. 

High-Pressure Cleaning of Pathways

Like indoor flooring, outdoor pathways can get dirty or suffer from various spillages. You want your strata cleaning and garden maintenance company to offer high pressure cleaning to remove dirt, stains and clean up any potentially dangerous spillages. Keeping outdoor paths clean helps to prevent people from slipping over and maintains a good aesthetic. 

How to choose and compare Strata Garden Maintenance Services

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a company to provide your strata building with garden maintenance services:

Years of Experience

You want to choose a strata cleaning and garden maintenance company that employs staff with years of experience. You also want to choose someone who has experience across a range of properties and garden sizes.

Range of Services and the right equipment

Lawn care and garden maintenance is a specialised service. You want to ensure you choose a company that can fulfil all of your needs, and one that has the right equipment to fulfil these needs. You don’t want to choose a company that will do an inferior job because of inferior equipment. As mentioned previously, you should also choose a company that offers both strata cleaning and garden maintenance. This will lead to reduced costs and better maintenance across the board.

Level of Communication

It’s important to choose a company that offers a high level of communication. You want to choose a company that offers a high level of service; a company that takes the time to understand your needs and goals. You want to choose a company that will keep you up to date regularly with what they are doing and one that is always seeking your feedback on maintenance completed.

Our company provides high quality strata garden maintenance as part of our strata cleaning services. If you’d like a no obligation quote for your property please get in touch today.

Get a quote for strata cleaning and garden maintenance services online!

Get a quote for strata cleaning and garden maintenance services online!

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