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4. Review

If the cleaners miss anything, let us know within 72 hours and we’ll send them back for free!

What’s Included?

 When you book bond cleaning in Melbourne, our system will use the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to help us estimate the overall size of your property.
Selecting the bond cleaning service type will add a comprehensive agent-approved bond cleaning checklist.
All bond cleaning services in Melbourne include:

Domestic cleaning services

Bathrooms and Laundry

Thorough cleaning of bathrooms and laundry, including sinks, taps, benches, bathtub, shower screen, mirrors and floors.

Thorough cleaning of all rooms booked

Thorough Cleaning of All Rooms

Thorough cleaning of bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and all floors.

Oven cleaning

Oven Cleaning

The inside of the oven will be cleaned, including the oven trays and oven racks.

Window cleaning

Windows Interiors and Glass Doors

Includes some time for window cleaning; interior glass, tracks, and window sills, plus inside and outside of 1 set of glass doors.

Kitchen cleaning


Thorough cleaning of kitchens, including sinks, taps, benches, splashback, stove, range hood, and cupboards.

Cupboard cleaning

Interiors of Cupboards and Drawers

Interiors of cupboards and drawers in the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms will be wiped clean.

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Plus More

We’ll take care of the details your agent expects, like cleaning skirting boards, cornices, switches, power points, extractor fans, light fittings, door handles, and more.

Optional Extras
Need something else done?  Simply add extras to customise your bond cleaning service as needed:

Carpet steam cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Add carpet steam cleaning to your service if you need it. Simply select the number of areas that need to be cleaned.

Wall washing

Wall Washing

The wall washing extra covers up to 1 hour of labour to clean walls. We'll let you know if more time is needed. Excludes skirting boards.

Blind cleaning

Blind Cleaning

Got blinds on your windows that need to be cleaned? Simply add the blind cleaning extra.

Tumble dryer cleaning

Tumble Dryer Cleaning

Did your rental property come with a tumble dryer? Add this extra and we'll clean it for you as well.

Deep cleaning service

Deep Cleaning

Does your property need a bit of extra attention? If it does, then add this extra to ensure the cleaners have enough time.

End of lease cleaning checklist

End of Lease Flea Treatment (pest control)

Did you have pets in your rental property? You'll need a pest control certificate stating you've had flea treatment completed.

Balcony & garage cleaning

Garage Sweep & Tidy

Select the number of car spots in your garage and we'll give it a sweep and tidy it up.

Fridge cleaning

Fridge Interior

Did your rental come with a fridge? Add this extra and we'll clean the inside of the fridge including the racks and drawers.

Dishwasher cleaning

Dishwasher Interior

Did your rental come with a dishwasher? We can clean that too, including the door and linings.

Window cleaning

Sliding Glass Doors

Got more than 1 set of glass doors? Add as many as you need cleaned. We'll do the interior & exterior of the glass, and the tracks.

Balcony & garage cleaning

Balcony/Deck/Patio Cleaning

Got a balcony, deck, veranda, or patio? Add the balcony/deck extra and select the number of areas you need cleaned.

Book rental bond cleaning Melbourne-wide and get a 100% Bond Back Guarantee!

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Customer Reviews
Fantastic! I used Simply Spotless for my last end of lease clean and had an awesome experience then too. In the last month I tried 2 other cleaning services and was massively disappointed with both of them. I should have just paid the extra 10 bucks and used Simply Spotless from the beginning.
Very impressed with the response time and the lovely man who came out to do the bond clean on my house… I was very impressed with the job that he did and the amount of time it took for him to complete the task at hand. Well done Danny and Thank you again! I will definatley be recommending you and Simply Spotless to anyone I know that needs their house or property cleaned!
Used this service for end of lease clean and was super happy with the outcome. The booking process was hassle free, price was competitive, cleaners were punctual and we got all of our bond back! Would definitely use again.

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Why we’re loved

Agent approved

Your bond cleaners use a thorough cleaning checklist approved by agents and designed to get your bond back.

Saves time

Book your bond cleaning service online in minutes and rest assured we’ve got your back

Competitive pricing

High-quality bond cleaning in Melbourne for reasonable prices. Especially compared to your bond.

Bond back guarantee

We guarantee our cleaning  – we’ll send the cleaners back free of charge if they miss anything

Trained professionals

Our cleaners know what property managers expect and follow a thorough agent-approved checklist

Secure cashless payment

Lastly, secure, encrypted, and automatic payments processed after the bond clean is complete

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a quote for bond cleaning in Melbourne?

First, click one of the yellow buttons that says “quote me” and you’ll be taken to our online booking form.

Next, follow the instructions and complete steps 1-3. Make sure you select the bond cleaning service type. Then add any other extras you need, such as blinds/shutters, balcony cleaning, garage tidy, or carpet steam cleaning.

Once you’ve completed steps 1-3, your quote will be displayed on the right hand side of the page (on a computer) or at the very bottom of the page (if you’re on a mobile phone or tablet).

If anything is unclear, then you can contact us on 1300 245 417 and we’ll help you out.

How can I book a bond cleaning service in Melbourne?

The bond cleaning booking process is very simple. All you need to do is fill in the booking form. We will then estimate the cost to give your property a thorough bond clean. Enter your card details and click “book” to complete the booking process.

We’ll match you with a team of experienced, professional bond cleaners and send you an email to confirm your booking.

How long will my bond cleaning service take?
That depends on the size of your home, its current condition, and the extra services you book! Our system will estimate the size of your property by using the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. 

The time estimate is not shown when you make a booking online. This estimate of the total number of work hours needed is used for administration purposes and can be provided on request.

For bond cleaning in Melbourne, usually takes a minimum of 6 hours. In most cases, two cleaners will attend the job, so the job can be done in half the time.

Do I have to be home when the cleaners come?

No, you don’t! Many of our clients choose to leave a key for the cleaners so they can take advantage of their free time.

Since bond cleaning requires the property to be empty, you might want to consider leaving the door unlocked and then requesting that the cleaners lock it when they leave.

Our bond cleaners are background checked, so you’re in safe hands.

Is carpet steam cleaning included?

No, carpet steam cleaning is not a part of the bond cleaning package because not everyone needs it. 

If you need it done, you can add the carpet steam cleaning extra to your booking. You’ll need to select the number of rooms that need steam cleaning – make sure you count any staircases or hallways as a room or they won’t be included in your booking. 

For more information about what carpet steam cleaning is and what you can expect from this extra, please read our FAQ page.

Is dishwasher cleaning included?

No, it’s very rare that you’ll get a dishwasher included as part of your rental agreement. If you have a dishwasher that needs to be cleaned then you will need to add the “inside dishwasher” extra from the optional extras section.

You can add many optional extras to customise your bond cleaning service. Take a look at our FAQ page for more information about what’s included in the bond clean package and what is optional.

How do I pay for my bond cleaning service?

When you book your bond cleaning in Melbourne, you will enter your card details, which are stored in a secure, encrypted format (even we can’t see them!).

Payment processing only occurs after your bond cleaning service is complete.

What is the 100% Bond Back Guarantee?

Our cleaners follow a special, agent-approved bond cleaning checklist. If your property manager or agent notices an item on the bond cleaning checklist that the cleaners missed, then just let us know within 72 hours and we’ll send the cleaners back completely free of charge.

Got a different question? Visit our FAQ page or send us a message and we’ll answer your question as soon as possible.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all cleaning services in Sydney

When you book your bond cleaning service with Simply Spotless Cleaning, you can rest easy knowing that you have a 100% Bond Back Guarantee. We offer the best bond cleaning services Melbourne-wide, so contact us today for a quote and to book your appointment. 

If your agent inspects your property after the bond clean and notices something we missed, we’ll redo the job free of charge.

All you need to do is contact us within 72 hours, let us know which checklist items were missed, and provide some photos to help.

Get a quote for your bond cleaning service and book it online instantly.

Areas we Service
Simply Spotless provides end of lease cleaning services to most of Melbourne. The areas we service include:

Melbourne CBD

Inner North Melbourne

Inner East Melbourne


South Western Melbourne

North & North Western Melbourne

East Melbourne

South Eastern Melbourne


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What is Bond Cleaning?

Bond cleaning – also known as end of lease cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, vacate cleaning, or move out cleaning – is an extensive cleaning service that is designed to get your bond back when you move out of a property you’ve been renting.

This type of service can only take place once you have moved out of the property, and removed all of your furniture, personal items, and rubbish.

Bond cleaning can be a big hassle, especially when you have your hands full with moving to a new home. That’s why we’re here. Simply Spotless Cleaning will do all the scrubbing, sweeping and vacuuming for you, ensuring you get your bond back as planned.

Whether your bond is worth $1,000 or $5,000, either way, you wouldn’t want to lose that much money simply because you didn’t have the time or skills to leave the previously rented home squeaky clean.

Leave your property manager in awe when they perform a ‘final inspection’ by offering them an even cleaner home than the one you stepped into when you first leased it. Moving is stressful enough! That’s why our cleaners use a special checklist when they do your bond cleaning for you. Our checklist is designed to get your bond back because we know exactly what your property manager will expect.

So, if you’re ready to book your bond cleaning service in Melbourne, then click the button that says “quote me” and follow the instructions. We’ll make sure that your place looks new and you can rest assured that you’ll get your bond back.

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